Paypal Invoice & Contact Management Software

Manage important customer data and sales transactions with simplicity.

  • Multi Invoice Printing

    Select an unlimited number of orders and process/print them all with one click.

  • Manage Customers

    Keep track of your customers, billing information, notes and much more.

  • Sales Reports

    Generate custom sales revenue reports and buyer trend graphs by dates.

  • Invoice Template

    Create multiple custom invoices with different logo's and biller information.

  • Auto Emailing

    Automatically email customers a processed order confirmation with an attached invoice.

  • Easy Installation

    Create an account, install client software and your all set for a free 30 day trial.

Palmanager is so new that we are offering our platinum data package for $14.99, that means an unlimited amount of paypal transactions each month.

  • Monthly License

    This plan is a recurring monthly payment from the date of signup for the extent of using the software. Comes with full support, updates and free site setup.

    Monthly charge of $14.99

If you have questions comments or concerns please let us know, don't forget to read the frequently asked questions page which should clear up most questions.

What is Palmanager?
Palmanager is a paypal IPN invoice and sales receipt management software suite designed to streamline order processing, manage your customers and much more. Paypal IPN is also known as instant payment notification.

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Literally saved our company 40 hours a week, no more copy and pasting to make invoices.
Ryan Blackburn,